WHAT IS sensory research?

Sensory research is a scientific research methodology that uses the principles of experimental design and statistical analysis of the human senses. The five human senses are a valuable element to consider. The human brain receives information through them and compares it to earlier experiences. Finally, purchase decisions are a combination of ratio and emotion, whereby the latter has become more and more important in an era of information overload:



A well designed environment to conduct the best sensory research: video and audio recording devices, a separate prep area, environmental control (no disturbance during the tests).

In depth preparation

Discrimination tests, hedonic scale etc.

Focus group

Cornerstone of our sensory research. Focus group allow us to provide crucial qualitative feedback from live usage of the products.

Panel briefing

We thorougly brief our study panel on how to use the product of the study, how to properly give us feedback (fill in questionnaires, record audios or videos daily etc).

Social listening

Chinese consumer are super active on social networks. Using our data scraping and analytical methodology, we extract all the relevant topics and trends from top social networks such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu etc.

Pilot test

Small scale (10 - 20 volunteers) preliminary study to validate consistency and feasability of the sensory research method and questionnaires (wording and understandability). This is a crucial step to our sensory research methodology.


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